Each piece is handmade and so signs of this are highlighted and celebrated, no piece is identical, no piece is perfect.



Brass has a natural tendency to tarnish and so needs a little care to keep it looking brand spanking new. In order to delay tarnishing or skin reaction as much as possible, its best to remove any piece before showering, washing hands or applying any kind of skin lotion etc. If the brass does start to tarnish after a while, there are a few simple and speedy remedies. One of which is to use a teaspoon of salt, half cup of vinegar and some flour to create a paste - rub it on, wash it off and you're done. Additionally, for quick results, a silver polishing cloth also works really well. 



Although not as much as brass, silver also has a natural tendency to go a little dull after some time. Luckily, its much quicker and easier to sort this out, as it can often be polished up with a dry cloth. Alternatively, silver polishing cloths are incredibly effective and very cheap to purchase online.





Bronze is much like brass however tarnishes a little quicker. It can be treated in similar ways to brass in order to regain its original shine. Again, using a silver polishing cloth will also give fast and effective results.